Darren & Joseph Major
Computer for College

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Darren Major and his father, Joseph Major. Darren Major was a long-time active member of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Committee of Greater Attleboro who strongly believed in providing opportunities to outstanding young people. Darren grew up in Louisiana in a family of six children. His parents always encouraged their children to get a good education. As a child, Darren loved to read. He recalled being so engrossed in his reading at the library one evening that he forgot to come home. After a long day at work, his father had to come fetch him.  Rather than being annoyed, his father smiled at him and said "You’d better leave a few of the books here for someone else, son." Darren attended college at the University of Louisiana and worked for many years as a high-level Information Technology Engineer. Darren was also very active in politics and civic affairs. He lead many political campaigns in Attleboro, including for former President Barack Obama. An accident and multiple medical problems rendered him disabled in the last few years of his life, but he still participated in the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Committee from his home.

Darren had many dreams that he hoped to accomplish in the second half of his life, such as becoming a teacher, being a counselor for disabled people, and establishing a charitable foundation in honor of his father, Joseph Major, whom Darren greatly loved and admired. Unfortunately, Darren passed away in the autumn of 2015 before being able to accomplish those dreams. So his friends at the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Committee are making his dream come true by awarding this scholarship in memory of Darren Major and his father, Joseph.  

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